5 Things We Wish We’d Known Before We Got Lash Extensions


If there’s one beauty trend that will never go out of fashion, it’s long, luscious lashes. Because let’s be real, a good set of lashes are a real game changer – they instantly make your eyes look SO much bigger and make you feel boujee AF. Which is why lash extensions have become super popular in the past few years. But before you invest in a pair of lash extensions, here are five things we wish we knew before we made that first appointment… it’s one of the most addictive (and pricey) salon appointments out there…

1. It’s not cheap …

Unfortunately, good quality lash extensions can be quite expensive, setting you back anywhere between $150 and $250. The lashes themselves ordinarily last around 2-4 weeks, but this is dependent on how much love you show them. Although, if you don’t want to have them removed (which usually costs around $20 USD) it’ll cost you approx. $65 to have refills put in. You can normally get them refilled twice before you’ll need to get them removed completely and a new set infilled. And let us warn you, once you’ve tried lash extensions, it’s hard to go back to your regular lashes – take it from the many lash addicts at HB HQ! If you do find a salon that’s offering a lower price, you need to check that the quality of the lashes has not been compromised, nor the number of singular lashes they’re applying.

2. It’s a process

We’ve got to admit the process itself is quite uncomfortable, and depending on your lash artist, it can take a long time. It usually takes around90 minutes, but we have heard of an occasion where it took three hours! You also have a silicon divider placed in-between your eyelid and your under-eye, which can get pretty uncomfortable, one-hour in. For most people it’s fine, but if you do have sensitive eyes, expect your eyes to stream. On the plus side, as you have to keep your eyes shut the entire time, for most people it’s just a socially acceptable midday nap. Although, if you don’t feel like sleeping, make sure you have some music or a Ted Talk to keep you occupied.

3. It doesn’t always look the same

What a lot of people don’t realize is that you can have a specific lash curl and that each shape will have a different effect. The most common type of lash is a C-curl, which has a dramatic finish, whereas a J-curl lash is more natural-looking. Similarly, there’re different lash materials, which will also impact the final look. Usually you’ll be able to choose between faux mink (least expensive) real mink, silk, and human hair. We recommend opting for mink or faux mink lashes as human hair lashes are more fragile and can fall out easily, while silk lashes can be slightly uncomfortable to wear.

Model is wearing C curl, mink lashes.

4. There’s pre-appointment prep

Once you’ve had your lashes inserted, you’re not supposed to get them wet for 24 hours, otherwise, your lashes won’t dry properly and they’ll fall out within the week. So, make sure you show up to your appointment showered and makeup free. You also shouldn’t sweat excessively for 24 hours post appointment, so all you gym bunnies should workout pre-appointment. You also need to make sure your lashes haven’t been altered before the appointment, so avoid using an eyelash curler or waterproof mascara before your appointment. This will only make it harder for the lash artist to apply your falsies, and the film of waterproof mascara can even prevent your fake lashes from adhering properly.

5. There’s a lot of aftercare

When you have lash extensions, be prepared to carry around a spooley in your purse 24/7. A spooley is basically the key to keeping your lashes looking fluttery and flawless for as long as possible. You also need to make sure that you’re extremely careful when you’re taking off makeup, as if you rub or wet your lashes, they can fall out. Avoid oil-based cleansers too as the oil will loosen the adhesive glue, resulting in premature fallout. You shouldn’t sleep on your face either, as this will also cause your lashes to fall out. And let’s be real, when you pay $200 for a pair of lashes, you want them to stay put for as long as possible!


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