Not-So-Typical Wedding Gift Ideas Just In Time For Wedding Season


Love is in the air and wedding season is in full swing, so I figured what better time than now to share some unique gift ideas for all of your upcoming weddings! Most of the time couples will have a wedding registry that you can select a gift from, but sometimes you want to come up with something more fun and something not so practical to give the newlyweds that they maybe wouldn’t normally go out of their way to buy or get. See my seven ideas below!

  1. HONEYMOON FUND: This is a simple way to help with travel-related expenses instead of choosing a gift from their traditional registry. Gift cards to places where ever they are going or even cash that they can take with them!
  2. TICKETS TO AN EVENT: A concert, sporting event, play or anything else you know the couple would enjoy!
  3. FRESH FLOWER DELIVERY SUBSCRIPTION: Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love having fresh flowers in their home? Flowers are an instant pick-me-up and immediately brighten your home and your mood.
  4. GIFT CARD FOR A NIGHT OUT: Give a gift card to a fancy restaurant or somewhere else for a night out that they might not normally go out of their way to do!
  5. CREDIT FOR A CLEANING SERVICE: Maybe a more practical choice, but still a great idea! A clean house goes a long way in keeping stress away, and the bride and groom will love a spotless home that they can enjoy.
  6. COUPLE’S MASSAGE/SPA DAY: Who doesn’t love a spa day?! A perfect give to give because at some point or another everyone needs a day of rest and relaxation.
  7. FRAMED WEDDING INVITE: The couple’s wedding invitation is something that will always be special to them. If you’re looking to give something meaningful, take the wedding invite and frame it for the couple to keep as a token forever.


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